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A homeowners’ association, also known as an HOA, is an organization which governs over a condominium or townhouse development. For those who live under the rules of an HOA, they understand just how frustrating it can be when you are facing a dispute or legal matter, as matters regarding your home are quite personal and upsetting. This is why it is vital you don’t face these issues alone--allow our Okaloosa County attorneys of Richard S. Johnson and Associates, PA to step in and save the situation from escalating any further than it undoubtedly already has. With the proper tools, we strive to prevent your issues from arising in the future as well.

Most HOA’s have very strict rules for those who reside in their residencies, and these rules are subject to change on a regular basis. These rules are put forth by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, also known as a CC&R, and they generally cover a number of residential topics, such as visual or auditory properties of your space. These governing ideas can be difficult to follow, however, especially as they can change without a moment’s notice.

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Not only do we have the skill and knowledge necessary to resolve your dispute in an efficient and effective manner, but our Okaloosa County real estate attorney of Richard S. Johnson and Associates, PA is proud to do so with ease. While homeowners’ associations are not always easy to deal with, it is worth fighting for your rights with the help of our committed and results-driven legal team.

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