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Title insurance is meant to protect buyers and lenders in the midst of a transaction, particularly in case of a possible loss in the title documents of the property in question. Because of its useful nature, most lenders require you purchase title insurance, as it inevitably benefits all involved. There is always a chance of getting into a real estate situation that is less than favorable, such as a forced document or an unexpected, missing heir--title insurance wants to combat against that.

Any kind of real estate purchase is a significant one. This is why it is absolutely recommended you don’t move forward with any kind of agreement, contract, or dispute without the legal representation you deserve, and our Okaloosa County real estate attorneys of Richard S. Johnson and Associates, PA are ready and willing to do all of that for you and more. Simply because there is title insurance in the equation, this doesn’t mean title disputes don’t occur. The only protection is prevention--prevent any issues from arising by having an attorney advocate on your behalf from the start.

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Richard S. Johnson and Associates, PA is led by an Okaloosa County real estate attorney who refuses to back down from a challenge. No matter the nature of your particular situation, you can rest assured we are committed to helping your cause. Title insurance can very quickly become quite complicated, and we want to ensure you are not left alone throughout this process. Make sure you are well-equipped to handle this life-changing transaction, with our legal team on your side.

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