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What Does the Title Company Have to Do with Your Home Sale?

As one of their offices, our Niceville office of Allure Title company wears a lot of hats over the course of a home sale.

Allure Title and Escrow reports that in more than one-third of real estate deals, the title company involved has to undertake “extraordinary work” to address title issues that often go back 50 years or more.

Here in Florida, title companies also issue insurance, hold onto funds and paperwork in escrow, and serve as closing agents.

Wow, that’s a lot!

Title companies will:

-Search the title for any defects or “clouds”

-Provide the buyer with title insurance to protect against fraud and forgeries

-Safeguard money and documents in escrow

-Oversee the final phase of closing and fund distributions

Have any of these needs? We can help! Contact us today.

- Richard S Johnson, P.A. and Associates & Allure Title

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