Proudly serving clients throughout Niceville and the Florida Panhandle

Proudly serving clients throughout Niceville and the Florida Panhandle

Dedicated Real Estate Law And Title Services

When dealing with real estate law matters, there are a lot of moving parts. It’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side. At The Law Office of Richard S. Johnson, P.A., I regularly advise and represent real estate developers, commercial and residential landlords, and commercial tenants in all types of real estate matters. I bring nearly three decades of experience to your real estate law needs.

Residential Services For Home Purchase And Closings

In many cases, a real estate transaction is the first experience a client has with a lawyer. I am committed to making these transactions go smoothly by providing high-quality legal counsel, representation and title work.

Closings and title services – Whether you’re buying a new house or refinancing an already existing mortgage, seeking guidance from a closing attorney can help relieve any unnecessary stress associated with the process. My legal team has extensive experience assisting clients in a wide range of real estate transactions through my firm’s title company, Allure Title. The services provided through Allure Title include:

  • Title examination – Check the title on the property being sold
  • Title insurance – Ensure that the insurance protects you in the event that a future problem is found in the title
  • Document review – Present the necessary paperwork associated with the closing process
  • Record and disbursement – Disperse transaction fees, including insurance premiums, inspection fees, and HOA dues
  • Clearing a title – Clear title of errors with prior recordings of the title, discrepancies in the way the property is described in documents, or errors encumbrances and easements on the property

Experienced Commercial Real Estate And Conflict Resolution Services

 My services for business owners, land developers and landlords include:

Commercial and residential leases – My firm regularly drafts, negotiates and reviews lease agreements on behalf of commercial and residential landlords and tenants.

Leasing and development matters – My firm can assist with negotiations, zoning, subdivision development and risk management.

Real estate development – My firm assists developers with all aspects of their projects, including contract drafting, land use and zoning matters, and the litigation of disputes.

Homeowners and condominium associations (HOAs) – My firm provides legal advice and representation to several homeowners and condominium associations throughout the region.

Real estate litigation – My firm provides diligent representation to property owners, developers, contractors and other parties in all types of real estate disputes. This includes contract disputes, boundary line disputes, easement disputes, and mechanic’s lien disputes.

Deeds – My firm can assist with reviewing, drafting and filing Quit Claim Deeds, Deeds of Trust and Specialty Deeds.

Landlord-tenant – Our firm represents all types of clients, from property managers to owners of single-family properties as well as multi-unit and commercial properties. We can assist you with:

    • Drafting and reviewing lease agreements
    • Drafting and reviewing property management agreements
    • Lease noncompliance/violations
    • Maintenance/repair issues
    • Termination and evictions issues
    • Past due rent issues
    • Housing discrimination
    • Security deposit disputes
    • Damage caused by tenants
    • Property management

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I have more than 28 years of experience assisting clients with real estate and title matters. My firm, The Law Office of Richard S. Johnson, P.A., has three convenient locations in Florida. Call 850-279-6868  to make your appointment. You may also email the firm at your convenience.